The Conference

Let the Diplomacy begin!

The Millennium Model United Nations will be the first annual international conference to be organized by the Roots Millennium Campus. The Millennium MUN is an initiative of the ambitious and enthusiastic students of Roots College International Millennium Campus. It is a platform on which participant students from every corner of the country are coming and allowing them to prove their mettle within the domain of diplomatic debate and policy making. Our aim is to inspire the youth to shape a world based on justice, solidarity, liberty, dignity, harmony and prosperity for all. The culture of Model United Nation Conferences has spread at a rapid pace throughout the world, and today, MUN is being as a course in some parts of the world. We, at Roots understand that in the near future the focus of intellectuals the world over has shifted from specialized knowledge to a more holistic development of the individual. Therefore, it is not only important for one to excel at what one does professionally but also have the perspective and insight to be a responsible and more adequately, a global citizen.

Innovation : The MMUN Society comprises of members who, after participation in various events have developed a keen sense of what a successful, quality Model United Nations Conference entails. We wish to build upon the vision of our experienced MUN participants and host an event that enables participants to experience the formality of transnational diplomacy while also bring out the best in them mentally, intellectually, spiritually, physically and culturally and developing the attitudes, abilities and skills in the students required to meet the Global Challenges.

Excellence: Our resourceful members have pledged their dedication to the MMUN 2013 team. Spearheaded by our host team, debaters from across Pakistan are expected to contribute to the organization and successful execution of the conference. Our diligent school administration has also promised full cooperation and support to make the event successful. Hosted by a hardworking group of individuals, the host team of the MMUN, are Model UN veterans on their own. In addition to chairing Model UN conferences locally and internationally, the MMUN host team also have valuable experience as delegates which they will use to their benefit while hosting MMUN

Scope: The 3 day conference is expected to the hub of engagement in public debate for over 1000 students from all over Pakistan. It is envisioned to help develop national and international linkages for Roots Schools so as to contribute to the establishment of Roots as a truly global institution.

Legacy: The MMUN Society is driven to ensure the smooth and successful execution of the Conference. As the pioneers of this event at the Roots College, we are dedicated to ensure its future sustainability by setting a precedent for future students, at the conclusion of this year. Aiming to attract 1000 delegates from all over Pakistan, the goal of the conference is to strengthen and develop the network of students and young leaders across Pakistan, using Model UN as a platform to unite a diverse range of people, cultures, ideas and intellectual backgrounds. With a variety of accompanying events, this will be a gathering of people of different levels of imagination, a combination of education and entertainment for the youth of our country’s intellectual development and capacity building.